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All Positions Filled ! 
Festival Volunteer Sign Up

Thank you for gifting us your time as a volunteer.  Your support will help create a better festival & allow the farm to grow & be self-sufficient.  

Volunteers will receive a t-shirt (enter size below), & $50 worth of "Lavender Bucks" per session to use at the store shop (no online orders).  You will also be given a "Volunteer" neck lanyard to help identify your assignment to guests. An email with more details for your assignment will be sent, but we will have someone to help answer questions & give guidance during the festival.

We ask that Morning volunteers arrive by 8 am & remain through 1pm.  Afternoon only volunteers should arrive by 1pm & remain through 6pm. We ask that the cleanup crew remain later if needed to help pick up debris. 

Please remember, this is a rain or shine event. We are hoping for a beautiful day, but lavender smells delicious in the rain. So bring your rain slicker & umbrella if needed.

A list of volunteer openings is listed below the application form. 

Festival Volunteer Sign Up
Which Sessions are you availble?------------------------------------------------------- T-Shirt Size

Thanks for applying to volunteer with us! We'll get back to you soon.

Volunteer Openings

Morning Session                                                                                        Afternoon Session

Parking Guides -Filled                                                                               Parking Guides- Filled

Check In Greeters- Filled                                                                         Check In Greeters-Filled

Cleanup Attendant - Filled                                                                         Cleanup Attendants - Filled

Distilling Assistant - Filled                                                                        Distilling Assistant - Filled

Bundle Cutting Staff - Filled                                                                    Bundle Cutting Staff - Filled

Make a Sachet Staff - Filled                                                                     Make a Sachet Staff - Filled

Q & A Table - Filled                                                                                  Q & A Table - Filled

T-Shirt Pick Up Table - Filled                                                                    T-Shirt Pick Up Table -Filled 

Geocaching Staff - Filled                                                                          Geocaching Staff - Filled


Position Descriptions

Parking Guides - Each guide will be given a walkie talkie to use. One guide will be at the main entrance to make sure cars are not blocking traffic on Cherry Walk Rd. Only 1 direction of traffic can fit on the dirt lane at a time. Guide 2 will flag cars to enter or exit the parking area. Guide 3 will direct cars into open spots. Between 1-1:30pm, cars will need to be encouraged to exit to make room for the afternoon session.  Likewise, 1:30-2pm will focus on getting cars in. 

Check In Greeters - Greeters should welcome each guest with a smile & check paper or digital tickets on guests' phones. We will have a printout of all guests/tickets for those tickets left at home. A gold twist tie needs to be given for each ticket to indicate the bundle has already been paid for. When the lines die down, we ask if 1 Greeter can help out another section that is busier. During the 1-2pm break, Greeters should direct Morning guests to leave the premises as soon as possible to make parking room for the Afternoon session.

Cleanup Attendants - Cleanup Attendants should look for debris & dispose of it in the trash bins.  Gloves will be provided. If there are any port-a-pot issues, please alert Shana & she will take care of needed clean-up.  We are not asking you to deal with port-a-pot issues (we like our volunteers!). Attendants should also stay the hour after the event session ends to help clean up debris. If there is not much debris to deal with during the session, Attendants should help another area that may be extra busy or overwhelmed (i.e. Bundle Cutting).

Distilling Assistants- Distilling Assistants will assist Bill & or Shana at the still. You will be given instructions & may help by adding water to the condenser, pick up an item we left in the barn, or watch the still for a few minutes if we are needed for an emergency. Safety precautions will be given & we will show you how to shut it down if needed. This is a great opportunity to learn how to run a still.  We are planning on 1-2 demonstrations per session. When the demonstrations are over, we ask the Assistants to help any other areas that may be busier or overwhelmed.  If all is well, you may have time to get your face painted :-). 

Bundle Cutting Staff- Staff will explain to guests how to cut a bundle depending on if they are cutting English or Grosso cultivars.  Guest will have 1 gold twist tie for their bundle that comes with their ticket.  Additional bundles will need a purple twist tie & will need to be paid for at the shop.  Baskets, gloves, scissors & shears will be available for guests.  We will probably run out of gloves, but that is ok. A cleaning solution will be available for guests to spray shears if they bring their own.  Likewise, the solution should be sprayed on scissors & shears as they are returned for reuse. Children must use the safety scissors (some adults need them too ;-). Heavier shears are needed for sunflowers (if ready to pick). Cups will be available for u-pick flowers. We will teach you tips for cutting bundles. 

Make a Sachet- There will be a craft table set up for guests to Make a Sachet. Staff will explain/demonstrate how to take a dried bundle & use a handkerchief (provided) to roll the bundles & pull off remaining buds.  Guest may take the stripped bundle home too.  Sachet pouches are then filled with their buds & tied.  Guest will purchase $5.00 tickets at the shop they will present to you to show they have paid. 

Q&A & T-Shirt Pickup Table- Q&A staff will assist guests with general questions. Where are the bathrooms? Where is an event located?  We are working on a list to have for you ahead of time & are designing a map.  You will have a walkie talkie to use to contact Bill or Shana in case of an emergency. You will assist the T-Shirt Pick Up staff if they get busy.  T-Shirt staff will be given a list of guests who have ordered T-shirts with the corresponding sizes.  Names will need to be crossed off as shirts are picked-up. Once all shirts are picked up, you should assist any other staff who needs assistance. 

Geocaching Staff- Geocaching boxes will be hidden on the farm for guests to use the Geocaching App for hints to help find them. A 10% Off code will be in the box for finders to use at the shop.  Their names will also be put in a drawling for a door prize. Staff should answer questions about geocaching (we will provide information) and encourage guests to give it a try.  If guests report issues with the boxes, staff should check on the boxes to make sure they are in proper order.  

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