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Farm Help Wanted

The farm is growing quickly & we are in need of some help.

This would be a good opportunity for internships or volunteers. Individual needs to be self-motivated & able to work outdoors during the day and lift 20 lbs., 20 hrs./week $12-15/hr. depending on experience.

Duties include: Weeding, harvesting, tending farm stand onsite & at markets, processing sales, propagating, transplanting seedlings & planting.

This is an opportunity to learn how to start/run a small farm operation: Set up irrigation lines, pick varieties, create value added products (aka make lavender goodies), distill for oil, weed, plant seeds/seedlings, work with the public, work on ways to weed less, create social media adds, tend to Conservation Reserve Program (CRP) land & #1 job for farming- learn how to prioritize.

We look at this as a mentoring relationship in which we learn from each other, but we welcome experienced farmers/gardeners who just want to work outside.

Job to last approximately 2 months with opportunity for future hours & more time next season. Apply via our Face Book job posting

The field does sustain a large bee population.

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