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Fresh Wreaths Available (limited time)

Our fresh wreaths are available, but only for a limited time. English Lavender wreaths may be ordered & picked up on the website. They are made on 12" wreath rings and typically measure 16" end-to-end once made. These are made by hand & will dry for extended display for 1-2 years & the scent is amazing!

Wreaths will last longer if kept out of direct sunlight & indoors. Rotate your fresh wreath daily to allow for a uniform shape while drying. They will shrink as they dry which may require some rearranging of stems to be sure they do not fall out.

These wreaths are stunning & make great gifts along with using to decorate for parties & events.

Order soon due to these are only available until mid July.

*Commercial sprays may be used to extend the life. We have not used these, but customers tell us they work well.

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