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Available this Week; July 8th: Second Bloom Lavender, Zinnias, Sunflowers & Cosmos

Updated: 4 days ago

Most of the lavender has either been harvested or has boomed out, but we do have quite a bit of second bloom English. It takes a bit longer to cut, but you can gather enough to make a few bundles. Flowers are blooming. You can fill a 20 oz cup for $5. Blooming now are zinnias, black-eyed Susans, cosmos & small sunflowers.

If you want to make fairy wands, the grosso is still perfect to pick to make your wands. Farm stand is open to pick up lavender goodies & limited potted plants are available. Ordering will open soon to pick plants for your fall planting.

U-pick bundles are $6.00 each. Scissors and baskets are provided. Bundles are measured with 6" twist-ties. All you can fit in a closed twist-tie equals a bundle. Bundles picked by staff in the farm stand are $8.00 each.

Posters with how to guidance are provided, but staff are available to give lessons on how to cut without hurting the plants. Take your time and enjoy the soothing art of harvesting lavender.

Plants are available for purchase in gallon size pots for $10.00 each. Cultivars currently available include: Grosso, Sensational, Phenomenal, Miss Katherine, Bowles Early, Super Bleu & Royal Velvet. Very limited 4" pots for $5.00 are available. Farm stand is open with our lavender products.

What kinds of lavender are on the farm?


Munstead Angustifolia, English & edible. A rugged yet beautiful compact evergreen shrub with mounding, aromatic, gray foliage and an abundance of fragrant, rich lavender-colored flower spikes. Commonly used for perfumes, sachets, and oils. Dried sprigs will deter insects when placed in a closet or room. Color varies from dark purple – blues- lights – pinks.


Grosso – Lavandula X Intermedia, French, not edible (usually doesn’t bloom until July) Tall stems & very fragrant. Is a woody perennial hybrid of English lavender and Portuguese lavender. Lavender hybrids of these parent plants are generally known as lavadins, and incorporate all the beauty and fragrance of English lavender with the resistance and tolerance of Portuguese lavender.


Read more at Gardening Know How: What Is Grosso Lavender – How To Grow Lavender “Grosso”


Super Bleu – Angustifolia, Fragrant wands of rich lavender-blue flowers deliver a soothing scent in early and midsummer. Perfect for borders or containers. Neat, compact foliage has good rain and weather tolerance. The large, full blooms are excellent for cutting and drying.


Bowles Early – Angustifolia, Blooms a few weeks earlier than average. Blue buds. Very compact and upright shrub with an overall green appearance. The richly colored flowers have a strong aroma and are a culinary delight. 


Miss Katherine – Angustifolia, pink-flowered English Lavender blooms in late spring-early summer with numerous spikes of light pink flowers. A super sweet fragrance & good for culinary.


Royal Velvet – Angustifolia, velvety, dark purple-blue flowers are the hallmark of Lavender ‘Royal Velvet’, as are its rich fragrance and speedy growth habit. Tall, waving flower spikes last and last, and will bloom a second time after a mid-season harvest. Deer resistant, ‘Royal Velvet’s strong scent attracts plentiful bees and butterflies. Excellent for culinary, cutting and drying. A bit finicky in our area to grow.  We have had to replace plants more than the other cultivars, but the extra work is worth the reward of dark blue buds and beautiful flavor.


Sensational Lavandula X Intermedia, (French Hybrid Lavender) is an improved, easy-to-grow variety that features unusually large flower spikes on a compact form, with thick stems and silver foliage. Like most Lavender varieties, 'Sensational™' features fragrant flowers and foliage, and will thrive in hot, sunny, and dry growing conditions, but is also a great choice for gardeners in the Eastern US because it’s tolerant to both humid heat and damp cold spring soil. NOT for culinary.  Seems to hold its blue color when dried better than grosso.

Lavandula x intermedia Phenomenal®  is one of the hardiest lavenders seen throughout Europe and the United States, Phenomenal® has exceptional winter survival, as it does not have the winter die back that other varieties like Munstead and Hidcote commonly demonstrate. Lavender Phenomenal® has also shown tolerance to extreme heat and humidity, and is resistant to common root and foliar diseases. Most commonly popular for its silvery foliage and consistent growth with uniform, mounding habit, Phenomenal® has an elegant flower presentation and fragrance, perfect for fresh and dried arrangements and oil uses. We currently sell the plants but do not have a row in the field.


Edelweiss (white), Gross Bleu (long & dark blue), Little Lady (small English) are new cultivars in the field, but are not ready to cut.

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