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Vendors, Entertainers & Guest Speakers - Lavender Bloom Festival 2024

Updated: May 9

We have amazing vendors & speakers attending this year's Bloom Festival and we think they deserve proper introductions. Please click on their headers to visit their sites and learn more about their arts and creations.

We first met Rich & Barb at the Hebron Farmers market & when Barb stopped by the field to collect lavender trimmings. This charming establishment offers a delectable array of homemade jams, jellies, and preserves. Imagine spreading their flavorful concoctions on warm toast or pairing them with cheese for an exquisite treat. And not only do their soaps smell lovely, they are beautiful. We also know they source local ingredients because our oil is in their lavender soap! Check out their FB page (click on name above) to start shopping; I know their products will sell fast!

Jessica Horton of Fancy Face will be creating magical moments with her painting skills at this year's festival. I can't wait to see what lavender art she will be providing. Children aged 1yr to 100+ are welcome to participate.

Reign Body & Soul Aromatherapy

Near and dear to my heart is Tierra Hudson. It has been an honor watching her business grown. A certified clinical aromatherapist & herbalist, she specializes in identifying and removing barriers to healing and recovery, as well as facilitating and enhancing the body's inherent self-healing process. She also creates wonderful, locally sourced products such as: Diffuser oil blends, tinctures, beard balms, salves, lotion bars & my favorite; elderberry syrup. You can also visit her at her new shop located downtown in Salisbury.

New to aromatherapy or just want to learn more? Check out her class, Aromatherapy 101 at the Bloom festival.

Laura's rules are simple--only non-GMO, organic popcorn popped in organic refined coconut oil and no artificial flavors or colors...ever! And the taste speaks for itself. The Popcorn Lab's special lavender flavors were a sell out last year so don't wait too long to buy your bag(s)! We loved them all, but the lavender earl grey flavor was superb!

Grace is a passionate lacemaker from Salisbury, MD. She specializes in tatted lace and aims to help preserve its history and revive it as a handmade art form. She is currently a member of the Chesapeake Region Lace Guild and is working on making a full-length lace cloak. We are honored to have her as a Bloom Fest vendor & guest speaker offering a Tatted Lace Demonstration on both event days.

Ciara fell in love with crochet at 12 years of age and hasn't looked back. She started selling custom hats in 2013 after she had her first daughter. Since then, her small business has evolved into mostly amigurumi (plushies) but she also makes other items such as hats. Her creations look so soft & cozy and I'm looking forward to seeing what she brings to Bloom Fest.

Jenee is busy creating beautiful mossing frames, pressing flowers, making paper, and obsessing over all things nature. All the moss she uses is real but preserved - formerly living but now frozen in time. All the bark is foraged on walks through nature or the neighborhood. All the flowers are sourced from florists and friends.

Preserved moss allows you to fill your space with green but at no risk of it dying! There's no need to water or mist your piece - it will remain as is for years to come.

We welcome Reclaimed Gardens to the farm & happily anticipate these lovely works of nature.

Knowing just how fleeting life can be, Lana Foley's number one goal as your photographer is to translate your everyday moments into tangible memories. Lana wants you to be able to see yourself, feel your loved ones, and relive each moment through imagery. She strives to create a photography experience that feels like YOU - one where you can truly be yourself, let your true essence shine, and feel fully comfortable in front of the camera... All while walking away with the gift of being able to savor your memories forever.

We anticipate beautiful, breathtaking moments will be captured by Lana at Bloom Fest! Don't miss out having your picture taken by the fields.

A Wee Bit o' Scotland is owned by recently retired veteran, Shellie. She is expanding her horizons with her small business importing delightful products from family-owned Scottish businesses which includes candles, Hairy Coo tea towels and double oven mitts (like the ones seen on the Great British Baking Show. Her inventory also includes many lavender items which we will try to experience Scottish lavender!

Cypress Sanctuary & Spell will be offering handcrafted herb blends, perfumes, dry incense blends, crystals and as a certified massage therapist & reiki master, Hillari will be offering 15-minute chair massages and reiki sessions. We were hoping to add massage to Bloomfest & are happy Hillari decided to join us!

Enjoy your massage at the festival? You can schedule more sessions with Hillari at Urban Sage Salon & Spa in Salisbury.

Wood & Antler Crafter

Jatmiko Santosa lives near the farm in Quantico, Maryland. He is a talented machinist and welder by profession and originally came from Java, Indonesia. He enjoys having hobbies and making jewelry from wood and deer antlers is one he works hard at with an eye for detail & beauty.

How did he hear about the Bloom Festival? One day his coworker, Grace McCarter (Grace Makes Lace), encouraged him to bring his craft to the next level which led to him deciding to become a vendor at the lavender festival. This will be his very first event and we know our guests will be happy to support his artistry & dream.

It's a 2nd Bloom Fest for our friend Danny Hines. He will be singing and playing his guitar next to the lavender fields during the Saturday session while we all enjoy listening to some new songs and classics. Time to be soothed with scent & sound.

Feel free to check out his FB page (link on name) to where he's scheduled to play next.

We welcome back Logan Oluvic at the Sunday session. She is a young, aspiring, Eastern Shore artist who inspired us last year with her beautiful, mellow voice. Not only is she a keyboardist, bass player, guitarist and singer, but she also writes her own songs.

New this year is Delaware based mobile dessert truck, Traci's Treats. She tempted us with her menu and she agreed to attend and share some sweet delectables. Although the menu may vary, we see pretzels, mini donuts, funnel cakes & cheesecake on a stick have been served. We've heard a special lavender item will be available.

Our friends SteelMobile & Kids Flaming Foods from Somerset County will be back this year serving delicious lunch & picnicking faire at the Bloom Festival.

Menu includes:


Wing Dings (All Flavors)

Chicken Cheesesteaks




I can still taste the wing dings I got last year; yummy! And I loved seeing the whole family enjoy the lavender.

I first met Belinda of Pies Etcetera in 2017 at the Ocean Pines Farmers & Artisans Market. A kind friend with a gentle smile, she inspired me to create our mini-hanging bundles when she asked me for something she could hang in her car.

I'm so happy she can join us this year. Not only does she use Wildwood's lavender in some of her creations, she has her own hens, "the girls," whose eggs make her baked goods even more rich. Don't forget to stop by her table & choose some yummies to take home to share with family & friends.

Kona Ice will be back! Known as the coolest shaved ice truck in town they will bring the party to us. We anticipate another serving of their Lavender Lemonade icee. Sweet lemon flavor combined with the delicate taste of lavender create quite the refreshing combo.

Blue Monkey Street Tacos of Queenstown, MD, is a family owned and operated food truck serving homemade recipe salsas and sauces. Their fried tortillas and other items are often made with their very own peppers straight from the garden.

Wildwood has partnered with Certified Yoga Instructor, Nicole Bellamy, of Sandbar Yoga to offer a summer Breath & Bloom series. This includes All Levels Yoga, Sound Baths and a Gentle yoga, meditation, and sound bath combination session.

Nicole created an amazing experience during the Wildflower Sound Bath last season & we look forward to her gentle guided sessions this June.

Special sessions will be offered during the Bloom Festival; an early yoga class at 8:00 am & a sound bath at 9 am on both festival days.

More sessions will be offered on Sundays throughout June.

Session sign-ups & payments will be made directly to Sandbar Yoga. To learn more about the sessions and to purchase tickets for Sandbar Yoga's sessions click below:

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