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Sold Out: Wildflower Sound Bath Sunday, July 16th 6-7pm with Sandbar Yoga

Updated: Jul 12, 2023

This event is sold out & we can't wait to see everyone on Sunday! Our overflow parking field will be open to accommodate the extra spaces. Please allow front lots for handicap parking.

As the lavender fields conclude their summer harvest and the wildflowers bloom, immerse yourself in the rhythms of nature. We’ll harmonize the senses and offer inner tranquility with a 60 minute sound bath featuring quartz crystal singing bowls, steel tongue drum, and other percussive instruments. During the sound bath, weighted eye pillows with lavender buds will be available. Lavender-infused jojoba oil will be offered for an aromatic experience and lavender iced tea will be served for refreshment. Each participant will receive a sachet of lavender buds from the farm.

Participants are encouraged to bring their own blanket. Woven falsa-style blankets are also available at the farm stand for $22. The market is open until 6:00; come early to explore the farm and market. Picnickers are welcome.

Join us for this evening of relaxation, where the power of sound, scent, and nature converge. RSVP below now to secure your place in this blissful exploration of the senses.

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