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The cosmos field is packed full & is ready for U-Cut. Plenty of pinks, whites & hot pinks available. Fill one of our 20 oz. cups for $5.00, take home & start arranging.

Cosmos have an excellent vase-life. "To ensure the cut blooms are long-lasting, pick them when the buds have color and look like they are about to pop. At this point, the flowers have not been pollinated or munched by a grasshopper & should last 5-7 days in fresh water mixed with floral food. And that's outside of a cooler! Even when the first bud on the stem fades, often other buds will continue opening which creates even more interest." From

Make Your Own Flower Preservative Do you ever wonder what’s in those little packets that come with flowers from the florist? It’s usually a combination of citric acid, sugar and an anti-microbial. Each works together to keep flowers going strong. Acid allows water to flow into the stems. Sugar provides carbohydrates and the anti-microbial keeps the sugar and flowers from growing bacteria or fungi. Here’s a quick recipe to make your own at home:

Fresh Cut Flower Preservative 2 tablespoons fresh lemon juice (if you don’t have lemon juice you can replace it and the sugar with lemon-lime soda, approx. 2 cups) 1 tablespoon sugar A few drops of household bleach 1 quart of warm water

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